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Let's get a Japanese Kanji name !!
We convert a your name into Japanese characters Kanji and provide a certificate which explains the meaning of the name. From about 50,000 kanjis, we look for a kanji to match a reading of your name. And we choose a kanji to depend on a wonderful meaning .

Japanese writing systems

Japanese uses a combination of the following three writing systems:


One of the three scripts used in the Japanese language, are Chinese characters, which were first introduced to Japan in the 5th century via Korea . Kanji are ideographs which convey a specific meaning, word or idea. There are 50,000 Kanji characters.


A pair of syllabaries(like phonetis alphabets) of following two types

Hiragana, use for native Japanese words. There are 46 phonetic symbols.

Katakana, use for foreign words and names. There are also 46 phonetic symbols.


the Roman alphabet used to write words as they sound in Japanese.

KANJI name translation



Goods contents:
Image( JPEG file ) of your name in Japanese Kanji symbols.

*If you order more four names, please teach the number by an email. I send an order form later .

Japanese writing systems

How to order

Please tell us an information of a name to convert on the order form. If you have some questions about an order form, please e-mail the following e-mail address.


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We send an image( JPEG file ) of your name in Japanese Kanji symbols.

Hanko sets (seal)

Hanko sets(seal)

*Kanji name's certificate
*Vermilion inkpad



What is gHANKOh?

gHANKOh is a personal seal.gHANKOh is used in place of a signature.In Japan, seals are more important than signatures.Seals are used for legal transactions and contracts.


Selection of seals


Sturdy and durable!



Easy to use!




Seal without a inkpad.



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